2 pages single-spaced (~1000 words), the more the better. Use proper paragraphs.

2 pages single-spaced (~1000 words) the more the better. Use proper paragraphs. Dont just copy my powerpoints or language from the readings. Rephrase things in your own terms. Use quotations from the readings and add references in text like this: (Carmody p. 2) What is neoliberalism? Begin by summarizing Milton Friedmans neoliberal theory of capitalism. Then review David Harveys critique of neoliberal theory and practice. When discussing Harvey consider the following questions: How should we periodize neoliberalism? What is neoliberal commonsense and how does the neoliberal state differ from the postwar state? What was the ultimate purpose of neoliberalism and why has it been so authoritarian forceful and anti-democratic? Is neoliberalism really anti-statist and what are the other contradictions of neoliberal governance?

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