A Human Services Policy For The Community

A Human Services Policy for the Community For your final project assignment write a policy evaluation paper that summarizes the process you completed in your home community during this project.Assume that your policy proposal is adopted by the relevant agency. Write your policy evaluation paperin no more than 0 words adding references citations and a bibliography. Include the following: State your policy proposal. Explain how you identified the social change problem. Describe how you decided on what problem(s) to be considered. Describe the key elements of your policy proposal development process with community members and agency representatives (in this case represented by your course peers). Explainthe key factors you took into consideration for establishing the policy with a business non-profit and/or government level. Identify what organizational unit in the business non-profit or government level will implement your proposed policy and whether additional funds will be needed. Explain how you evaluate the potential effects of this policy proposal on your home community. Assignment Requirements Paper Length:Not more than 0 words. Font and font size:Times New Roman 12 point. Formatting:Present your paperin APA format. Written communication:Written communication must reflect graduate-level writing skills and successfully convey the message.

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