A professional elevator speech is a concise message that can be presented to pot

A professional elevator speech is a concise message that can be presented to potential employers describing your professional qualifications philosophy experience and so forth. It is essentially a personal commercial lasting about the time it takes to complete an elevator ride (approximately 30 seconds) which is how it got its name. You will encounter times throughout your career in which having an elevator speech to present becomes essential including interviews presentations meetings school functions professional development conferences and more. Initial Post: Post an initial response that addresses the following areas using the discussion board forum: After reviewing the required readings this week about creating your own elevator speech take some time to consider how you want to professionally present yourself. Draft your 30-second elevator speech to include: Your introduction. Your professional accomplishments. Your professional experience. Your strengths. Your professional goals/philosophy. Your why or professional career motivation (why you do what you do). Within the discussion on the discussion board forum record or post a link to your 30-second audio elevator speech containing all six components of your draft. Please be creative and incorporate multimedia into your initial post. Employ a web tool such as or presentation tools such as PowerPoint(Links to an external site.) YouTube(Links to an external site.) Text Henley M. Ramsey R. S. & Algozzine R. F. (9). Characteristics of and strategies for teaching students with mild disabilities (6th ed.). Pearson.

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