CriteriaMax ScoreYour ScoreDescribe the film in general terms. Indicate the issu

CriteriaMax ScoreYour ScoreDescribe the film in general terms. Indicate the issues raised in the film? What do you see as the main purpose of the film with a social work background?5Identify at least TWO (2) ethical dilemmas that might arise in the film4Indicate ONE (1) legal framework within our Jamaican context that could be used to address any issue within the film3Explain the use of self in the helping relationship and resolving the issues identified in the film4Describe THREE (3) types of nonverbal and verbal communication identified in the film6Reactions to the film highlight your personal feelings and opinions about the issues showcased in the film; positions should be supported by relevant literature6Explain ONE (1) type of counselling approach that could be used in a specific scene to aid in resolving a problem/issue being experienced by the main character (s)4Research is important to social workers indicate ONE (1) data collection method that could be used to assist the Social Worker in finding more information on the issue.2Apply the most appropriate practice framework to the issues identified within the main characters environment in the film.10Recommend TWO (2) most appropriate coping strategies for the client using appropriate examples from the film4Explain the THREE (3) psychosocial aspects impacting the individuals close to the main character (s).6Identify the client’s systems evident in the film and explain TWO (2) social work skills that could be used by the Social worker assigned this case.10Create an eco-map to identify the main characters5Implications are clearly discussed identifying the groups within the writer’s context for which the implications relate; implications should clearly reference messages from the film and support ideas shared6Arguments presented are realistic, appropriate and show logical reasoning; language usage adheres to correct grammar and tense3Paper conforms to APA 7th guidelines for formatting and references.2TOTA
Requirements: 6-7 pages

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