Discussion Question #1 is related to the concepts learned in chapter 2 of the te

Discussion Question #1 is related to the concepts learned in chapter 2 of the textbook (Intercultural Communication and Globalization). As you have read about, globalization has impacted various business practices. As an example, many companies hire third-party companies in other countries to manufacture their products. This issue raises potential business and humanitarian ethical questions to discuss and debate. For this assignment, you will be required to watch the following documentary and provide your opinion. In summary, the documentary is about two people who visited a town where Nike shoes were manufactured and documented the working conditions. This assignment will require you to do the following:1) Watch the documentary, 2) Post a response to the following questions (your response needs to be about a paragraph long, which would include about 8 complete sentences) (5 points):What are your initial thoughts and feelings after watching the documentary?
In your opinion, do you agree or disagree with the appropriateness of businesses allowing their products to be manufactured by people who work in the conditions presented in the documentary?
Although Nike was featured in this documentary, many companies manufacture their products in similar conditions. What can consumers do about this issue?
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