Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need a sample draft to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Reading Outline for The American Yawp, Chapter 3: “British North America”The Rise of Slavery in British North AmericaNative American slavesThe Middle PassageSlavery and RaceThe British Empire in the 1600sThe English Civil WarThe Glorious RevolutionNew British-American ColoniesMarylandRhode IslandRoger WilliamsNew YorkPennsylvaniaQuakersCarolinaColonial Wars and RevoltsPequot WarKing Philip’s WarBacon’s RebellionSanta Fe Revolthttps://www.americanyawp.com/text/03-british-north…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l52rzBJQ8g&ab_channel=DidierSainte-Marie02%3ACin%C3%A9-Cin%C3%A9maBlack Robe (1991, Dir: Bruce Beresford) tells the story of a French Jesuit priest, Father Laforgue, who in 1634 travels on a perilous journey through what is today Canada to attempt to convert the Huron Indians to Christianity. It portrays well the complex contact-era interactions between two very different civilizations.The major characters are:-Father Laforgue: the main character, a Jesuit priest.-Daniel: the young French man who accompanies Father Laforgue on his mission to the Hurons.-Chomina: the leader of the Algonquins who agree to take Father Laforgue and Daniel to the Hurons.-Annuka: Chomina’s daughter, with whom Daniel falls in love.The major Indian groups are:The Algonquins: The group that agrees to lead Father Laforgue to the Hurons.The Iroquois: The group that captures Laforgue and the Algonquins and tortures them.The Hurons: The group Laforgue eventually reaches at the end of the movie.As you watch the movie, think about what similarities and differences you see between French and Indian cultures:-Why do the two cultures seem very strange to each other? -What misunderstandings were there between the two? What mistrust was there? Why?-What differences in values do you see? In beliefs? In lifestyles?-To what extent are the French a disruptive presence to the various Native American cultures in the movie?-What are the relationships between different Indian groups? How are they affected by the French?-What effects does Indian culture have on the French?-How successful was Father Laforgue in his mission to spread Christianity? What about other European cultural traits?-Why do the Hurons ask to be baptized at the end of the movie? What does their decision tell us about the effects of the French on Indians they came intoBlack Robe presents a story from the early period of contact
between European (in this case, French Catholic) colonists and Native
Americans.Using evidence and examples from the movie,
describe one major difference you see between European colonists and
Native Americans during the contact period, as well as one major
similarity.In terms of the difference you examine, which side do you think influenced the other more?
Requirements: 750

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