Learning Goal: I’m working on a other discussion question and need support to he

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other discussion question and need support to help me learn.Watch Ted Talk video: “Julia Galef: Why you think you’re right even when you’re wrong?” In this video, we learned about two mindsets: soldier mindset vs scout mindset.Which one do you think is better fit for democracy? Why?This discussion certainly requires your understanding of democracy. What makes democracy different in terms of responsibility in comparison to autocracy?Keep in mind that there are two important dimensions of democracy in terms of responsibility. There is an apparent responsibility of us as one who gets to choose representatives, to participate in the political process, and of course, the second not less important dimension is responsibility of our representatives.So, one of possible ways to discuss the relationship between two mindsets and democracy is through those two important dimensions: responsibility of us (we the people) and responsibility of politicians, our representatives.Who are we? Scout or soldier mindset? Who is the one we choose? What cultivates certain mindsets?And finally, what mindset is a better fit for democracy?Good start is to begin with you.Are you a scout or soldier mindset?How did you become one? Can you change?********Requirements for obtaining maximum points include:1. Write at least one post minimum 250 words2. Write at least 1 reply to other students posts3. Read other students posts and responsesAvoid quotations and copy paste strategy.
Requirements: 250 words

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