Learning Goal: I’m working on a other question and need support to help me learn

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other question and need support to help me learn.How ideas influence politics: Case Texas miracleTexas miracle from different angles of political culture Assignment 1 Prompts:A) Define political culture. List and describe the main characteristics of 3 political subcultures. What are dominant political subcultures in Texas? Is political culture in any given society permanent, or is it open to changes?B) Explore and describe the “Texas miracle” phenomenon. Describe its controversy.C) Explain how dominant political subcultures in Texas affect the assessment of “Texas miracle”? Which political culture has a negative view on the Texas miracle?D) Analyze how ideas influence creation of different Texas constitutions over time? List 3 ideas and offer proofs of their existence in different Texas constitutions. Grading criteria:1. Assessment of clarity of your message (checking for grammar, strong essay structure: topic sentence followed by supportive evidence sentences, etc.).2. Assessment of different levels of learning revised by Bloom taxonomy (checking for your ability to explore, understand, analyze, apply and create).3. Use your own voice (words) and avoid excessive quotations. Originality score, which measures the portion of quoted text in your assignment of your paper should not exceed 7%.4. Use proper citation (APSA, APA or MLA citation style) Pasting the link is not proper citation!Instruction for submission: Assignment 1 must be submitted online through Canvas by the given deadline!Format of paper must be MS Word (or PDF), double/ spaced, 12 points font, 1-inch margins, minimum 300 words.Do not copy prompts or instructions in your paper. However, each of your answers must be marked with corresponding letters: A, B, C and D.Students are expected to answer all 4 prompts. Omission of any prompt will result in points loss.Name of the file must be as follows: Student last name _name of assignment (E.G.: Johns_assignment1)Late submission will result in grade 0 or taking points off.
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