Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology presentation and need support to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology presentation and need support to help me learn.In final form, describe your implementation plan in a PowerPoint presentation broken down into the following sections:Case Overview.
Treatment Plan (Quick Sheet can be used).
Fidelity and Reliability Checks.
Ethical Considerations.
Address the following areas in your presentation:Identify who needs the intervention.
Describe the intervention you plan to use.
Identify who is to be trained on the plan and how you will train them.
Identify who will be trained first.
Identify which aspects of the plan you will focus on first.
Identify which methods you will use during training.
Create a data collection plan that will be used to make data-based decisions.
Identify how you will avoid measurement drift or bias.
Describe how you will identify and troubleshoot issues with your treatment plan, as well as with implementation with the plan.
Describe what you will do if someone cannot correctly implement a portion of the plan.
Describe how you will ensure the plan is being carried out as intended and that data are reliable.
Include any fidelity forms you may develop.
Include a discussion of ethical considerations regarding the intervention, data collections, and training procedures.
Include references that support your treatment choices and justify your approach to treatment plan implementation
Other Requirements
Your final Capstone Project should be in PowerPoint format.
Your presentation should be 8–10 slides in length excluding the title slide and reference list.
Include a full written script in the slide notes detailing exactly what you would say if you were giving the presentation to peers.
You are encouraged to record yourself (audio only or audio and visual) within PowerPoint giving the presentation. Your recorded presentation should be 5–8 minutes long.
Reference at least 10 sources in your presentation.
Your references should be presented with correct APA style citations.
Carefully edit your presentation for spelling, grammar, and syntax errors.
Below you will find part of the assignment if you could finish it and edit that would be amazing! If you need anything feel free to help as I will help along the way.
Requirements: 10 or more slides

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