Learning Objectives:This assignment will help students meet the following Learni

Learning Objectives:This assignment will help students meet the following Learning Objectives.Students will write effective essays that engage readers and present original ideas or points of view.
Emphasis will be placed on thesis-driven essays, which will demonstrate the principles of argumentation, including claims, evidence, and analysis.
Students will be able to edit their own writing for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
The assignment addresses the following student learning outcomes:Synthesize material from multiple texts to create and support an argument in response to a prompt.
Create writing that is clear and concise.
Directions:Step 1: ReviewBefore submitting, please review your Essay 1 Prompt: Summary and Response prompt and make sure you have met all of the requirements.Remember that you wrote your academic summary and your thesis last week. If I made comments/suggestions on your work, you want to make those changes, but you should be using those things as part of Essay 1.
You also wrote a PIE paragraph that could work as your response paragraph with some revision.
If you use your academic summary and your PIE paragraph that you already wrote, that means you just have to add an introduction (with the thesis) and a conclusion, and you are done with this essay!
Step 2: Double CheckCompose a summary and response essay, between 700-900 words in length, in which you clearly summarize Martin Luther King Jr’s “The Purpose of Education” or Malcolm X’s “Learning to Read” (review Academic Summary of Your Text ) and then respond to the author’s ideas based on connections between the author’s claims and your own experiences about your purpose of education. Please make sure to review your lecture on Writing a Summary and Response. More Specifically, the paper should have four paragraphs:Introduction: The introduction should introduce the readers to the idea of educational barriers and challenges. It should introduce the article you have chosen to summarize (“Purpose of Education” or “Learning to Read”). It should end with a thesis that states whether you agree with your chosen’s articles claims and shows how the article relates to your experiences in education so far.
Summary: Your summary of the article chosen formatted in Academic Summary format.
Response: Ideas and points you acceptdisagree with examples from your own experiences. This should be formatted in PIE paragraph structure.
In the Point (topic sentence), you should name what you agree or disagree with the author about.
The Information will give an example of your personal experiences to show why you agree or disagree.
The Explanation will explain to the reader how your experiences prove that the author is correct or wrong in his/her assertions.
Conclusions: Restates your thesis and provides a final thought.
NOTE: Since you are citing an article or video, don’t forget your Works Cited page.
Requirements: 700 to 900 words

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