Please reflect on one of the topics below. Be sure to use literary evidence from

Please reflect on one of the topics below. Be sure to use literary evidence from the text(s) of your choice to support your claims and offer a substantive response to the questions below (about 750 words). Finally, remember to categorize your post under “creation stories.”
Topic A: Relying on two literary works from those we have discussed, identify one theme, trope or effect that the two compositions share and that you find significant. Help us appreciate its significance by explaining how it is manifested in each composition and how it helps create a certain effect. Be sure to use direct evidence from the composition to support your claims and follow with discussion.Topic B: What was the Ancient Egyptian attitude toward nature and life as seen through Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun?” What is the relationship between the theological and philosophical ideas and images in the hymn and the political situation in the Egypt of Akhenaten’s time? How is the religious monotheism of Akhenaten connected to his own political and social agendas?Topic C: How did the Ancient Hebrews envision the creation of the universe and all its beings? What role do language and poetry have in the act of creation? What are the relations between theology, philosophy and literature in the assigned excerpts from “Genesis” and “Psalm 104”? Please be specific.Topic D: Creation stories from around the world differ in their accounts of both the fundamental elements of the universe and the order in which these elements are created. Compare Genesis in the Old Testament with Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun” or with Hesiod’s “Works and Days” or the “Theogony.”What is the order and method by which the world comes into being?
How do the different accounts reflect their cultures?
Requirements: 750 words

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