TARGET DATE: Monday, September 20th, by 11:59 PM(US TIME)In this first draft of

TARGET DATE: Monday, September 20th, by 11:59 PM(US TIME)In this first draft of this assignment, you will complete a topic proposal that receives professor feedback. At the minimum, in this proposal, you should identify the following:The short story you’re analyzing and why you’ve selected that story
(if you have difficulty describing why you chose the story, consider whether that story is the right text to analyze; the goal is to pick a story among the choices that resonates with you in some way the others don’t)The literary element (point-of-view/narrator, setting, OR characterization of one character) that you’re analyzing and why you’ve selected that element
The social significance or implications of the novel
(what is the playwright saying/arguing for/criticizing? what should the audience think/feel/do after watching? what does the play contribute to current debates, issues, problems?)At least one piece of evidence (quotation, scene, moment) that you plan on integrating as support for your claim
If you’re able to at this point, consider also including your working or preliminary thesis/argument in your proposal.You can complete this draft in whatever format is most productive for your writing process (e.g., in full paragraphs, bulleted lists). This draft will not be assessed for quality, grammar, or mechanics, but for satisfaction of the requirements listed above. While we do not enforce page requirements in this course, as suggested length for this proposal is 1-2 pages, double spaced.As stated above, you should format any quotations and paraphrases in MLA format.Please click here to access the Short Story Analysis assignment sheet, including the draft breakdown., “THE YELLOW WALLPAPER”HTTPS://MYCOURSES.UNH.EDU/COURSES/84399/FILES/6682861?VERIFIER=NPU20KVHRKLYGA5RGXU0XBKFLFBOAUNUV2ZALYZJ&WRAP=1KAFKA, “THE METAMORPHOSIS”HTTPS://MYCOURSES.UNH.EDU/COURSES/84399/FILES/6682873?VERIFIER=2GW8BFUOVB9FPS5P6NVBNKRTU7PGKZ8REIEIYJGQ&WRAP=1HTTPS://MYCOURSES.UNH.EDU/COURSES/84399/FILES/6682878?VERIFIER=BAM5LI68FCBZGJRRIY4NL0AGI2CGDJM5OLRVDJ9C&WRAP=1
Requirements: 1-2 pages in a doc file   |   .doc file

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