Virtual (Bitmoji) Classroom Assignment (50 points)DUE: September 14, 2021Using G

Virtual (Bitmoji) Classroom Assignment (50 points)DUE: September 14, 2021Using Google slides, you will create a Google Classroom/Gymnasium. (1 point) Choose your unit (i.e. Fitness)(1 point) Choose your grade (i.e. 3rd grade)PEMT 343-1: (lower elementary: PreK-2)PEMT 343-2: (upper elementary: 3-6)
The next section can be split into multiple slides:(10 points) Include a Bitmoji (Your own personal emoji. Incorporate your Bitmoji participating in different physical activities throughout your classroom)(2 points) Include a Welcome Page, to welcome students into your classroom(3 points) Include a whiteboard, poster board, or chalkboard with instructions(3 points) Include class rules/expectations(20 points) Include a virtual gym space with a variety of activities (15-20) to participate: Be sure graphics represent what you are asking the students to do. Add relevant links to your objects. All links must be safe! You only.(10 points) Choose ONE activity where you will create a short skills video. Convert your video into a safe YouTube video, now known as VideoLink (
Videos should be created in video.linkMake sure to publish your virtual classroom and test your final product before submitting. Once you know the link works, copy/paste it into a Word document and submit the Word doc, with link, into the week 4 folder.
Requirements: 300+

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